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We are a team of friends from central Europe and we are dedicating our free time to our metal detecting hobby. We are mostly a WWII relic hunters. We have started finding and collecting relics in 2000 and our region is the eastern front. 

Our adventure started a long time ago. As kids, we were playing around old wartime bunkers, trenches, and foxholes. We were also collecting old military equipment, ammunition casings and listening to our grandparent’s wartime stories. Later on, we have started to read a lot of books and learning more about world wars and diving deeper into the love with history.  We have always been relic hunters at heart and picking up a metal detector was the next logical step in our journey. Every piece of a relic we find has a link to a story from our history – a story of our ancestors. That is why We love this hobby.

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This website is dedicated to the metal detecting hobby, learning and discovering history. Wartime and other relics and artifacts and all about them.

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