How to participate on SUBMIT A FIND GIVEAWAY? How to submit your favorite find? 

Just send us an Email! πŸ˜‰ 


Please include:

  • Short story about your discovery (In languages: English, Deutsch, Magyar,
    Česky, po Slovensky, po Polsku.)
  • What metal detector you were using
  • Clear, original, not edited, high-resolution in focus photos of the item(s) you found. Images should be in JPG format and should not exceed 8MB (each) in size.
  • Attach photos to your email and send to
  • Collect votes = COMMENTS on your find. By recommending it to friends, you can help the entry to get many more votes. See the voting rules. More votes = more chance to win! πŸ˜‰ 

By submitting your entry, you authorize us to use your words and/or images for our web page, our facebook page or other social media or marketing purposes. Please be aware that there is NO financial or other remuneration for said usage. 

Thanks in advance for sharing your success stories with other fans!


We are going to pick up our favorite find soon! Reward incoming! πŸ˜‰ 

Big thanks to our wonderful GIVEAWAY sponsor MINELAB International Ltd!  Our GIVEAWAY would not be possible if it was not for the generous support of our sponsor. We are extremely grateful for their help in making the GIVEAWAY possible! 


Code of conduct – How to comment and vote

Many thanks for commenting on the SUBMITTED FINDS.  

Voting starts in April 2017.

We occasionally receive comments that are unrelated to the competition. Those comments won’t be posted!

We also request users who wish to comment and engage in a dialogue with entrants to strictly follow the Code of Conduct as outlined below:

The following voting rules apply:

  1. Each visitor is allowed to vote one time only for his/her favorite entry. 
  2. By commenting and recommending it to friends, s/he can help the entry to get many more votes.
  3. Make constructive comments or write just “I vote for this one. All abusive comments will be deleted. 
  4. Comments are counted always once in 3 months period. The best SUBMITTED FIND will be announced on our Facebook page and will receive a gift package from our SUBMIT YOUR FIND sponsor, the MINELAB International Ltd.
  5. In cases, we notice that an entrant or its voters or others abuse this rules, the respective entry, as well as the voters will be excluded and removed from the platform. 
  6. In case, that something went wrong, the last decision about who will get the BEST SUBMITTED FIND, is on us – the Militaryfinder team members (Admins).

We will enforce these measures without prior warning, and keep a close look at the ongoing voting activity on an on-going basis. We will analyze all activity daily and thoroughly. We request all users who recommend others to vote to communicate these guidelines and Code of Conduct.

We look forward to a continuing fair voting process, and wish every success to all finds posted on our website!



Januar – March

Andraz from Slovenia. Congratulations!

Your package is on the way πŸ˜‰